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(Love) ACC 403 SLP 4 Activity Based Costing Essay

(Love) ACC 403 SLP 4 Activity Based Costing - Essay Example The idea of Activity Based costing has its inceptions in the U.S fabricating industry, where increments in innovation prompted a lessening in fixed expenses and increment in factor costs and the quantity of steps in each assembling procedure as the computerization procedure expanded. For instance, physical work declined as apply autonomy was presented in the car business, while the quantity of robotic procedures and expanded utilization of hardware implied that deterioration and substitution costs went up. Action based costing is, as the name suggests, in view of deciding the expenses of various exercises associated with the assembling or creation procedure, and afterward distinguishing the expenses of every action (Kaplan and Cooper, 1988). In an organization like Apple, there are additionally various exercises engaged with assembling its PCs, PCs and screens. While conventional bookkeeping considers just the expense of exercises really performed, movement based costing likewise incorporates the hang tight an ideal opportunity for stock parts and so on which are additionally remembered for by and large expenses of creation. Movement based costing has been utilized to characterize re-building forms and dispose of pointless expenses and procedures (Kaplan and Cooper, 1988). Movement Based Costing is executed by first distinguishing the cost drivers for every action. Cost drivers are the reason for allotting item expenses to the exercises performed. Volume and Time are the most normally utilized cost drivers (Turney, 2010)- everything else is ascribed to a charge that is legitimately apportioned to the action being referred to being performed (Kaplan and Anderson, 2007). Volume implies units of work or items delivered. Time implies time span taken to finish a particular action. On the off chance that Activity Based Costing was utilized at Apple, we could have the accompanying graph for exercises performed from Jan 1-Dec 31, 2011: By and by, numerous troubles are experienced while

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Effect of Enzyme Catalese on Hydrogen Peroxide Free Essays

Point: The point of the Assessment Task 1 is to examine the impact of 1)temperature, 2)pH and 3)substrate fixation on the activity of chemical, for example, catalase on hydrogen peroxide. Foundation information: Enzymes are natural impetuses made out of proteins that help living beings in encouraging metabolic responses without experiencing any change themselves. Proteins are touchy to their condition thus should stay inside a steady scope of elements ( pH, temperature , substrate fixation and so on) for them to work. We will compose a custom paper test on Impact of Enzyme Catalese on Hydrogen Peroxide or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now Any deviations from this steady state can bring about diminished proficiency or even the denaturing (decimation) of the catalyst. What influences compounds: 1)Temperature-Enzymes quit working if the temperature transcends 40? C. Expanding the temperature adjusts the 3D shape thus the compound can not, at this point fit the substrate. 2)pH-They work best in nonpartisan conditions neither acidic nor antacid. 3)Substrate fixation †Increasing the substrate focus, expands the activiy of the chemicals till it arrives at an ideal point past which there is no adjustment in the protein acitivity. Catalase Enzyme: The action of a chemical can be shown utilizing liver, which contains the protein, catalase. Hydrogen peroxide separates gradually to frame water and oxygen. One particle of Catalase can manage 6,000,000 atoms of Hydrogen Peroxide in 1 moment. This breakdown happens quickly in the present of the Catalase and Oxygen gas advances quickly and can be tried with a gleaming support or rising air pockets (variable). Changes in the temperature, sharpness (pH) and grouping of the hydrogen peroxide will influence the pace of the response. The control was to have a test container of only substrate with no catalysts present. The legitimacy is test every factor in separation without blending any of the 3 factors to be specific, the pH, temp and substrate focus. The measure of catalase and hydrogen peroxide will continue as before in all the test tubes. Speculation: The theory is that since hydrogen peroxide separates into water and oxygen gas in light of the protein, it is normal that with change in temperature of the catalase, oxygen air pockets would frame. Mechanical assembly/Equipment utilized: - test tubes test tube racks - pipettes - Tweezers - Ruler - Water showers (for temperature control) - Ice container - Thermometer - Beakers - Hotplates - Measuring chamber - Vinegar - Bi-Carb Soda - pH paper - pH meters Paper towels to conceal spills - Pen and paper to record results Ingredients utilized: - Liver ( compound called catalase) - Hydrogen Peroxide Equipment arrangement: The test tubes were arrangement up in a test tube rack. Ice container to cool and high temp water basin to warm were additionally kept in status. Analysis 1 (Temperature): Procedure: 1)I put on the work shirt, goggles, gloves and footwear as a wellbeing measure. 2)I hacked up 3 equivalent bits of liver. 3)I set 1 bit of liver into one test tube each. 4)I arranged 3 test tubes each containing 10ml of hydrogen peroxide. 5)I arrangement a water showers with 100 Celcius temperature, for temperature control utilizing the thermometer, to guarantee the right temperature was kept up. 6)I set 2 test tubes containing liver and hydrogen peroxide each into the water shower. )At the point when the right temperature was reached, I immediately moved the liver utilizing tweezers into the test tube containing hydrogen peroxide from a similar water shower 8)I searched for any oxygen rises ascending in the test tube and estimated the ascent utilizing a ruler 9)I rehashed the above strides with 350 Celcius temperature. 10)I rehashed the above strides with 350 Celcius temperature. 11)I permitted the test tube substance to chill down before arrangi ng the fluid waste into the sink with a lot of water and the strong waste substance cautiously into the proper canister. 12)I washed all device utilized and dried them for sometime later. Aftereffects of Experiment 1: It was seen that with 100 C, the temperature was excessively low and there was insufficient warmth for Catalase to catalyze the response well. At 350C temperature, the air pockets created foam and it seemed like all the proteins were catalyzing reactios. At the point when the temperature rose to 500C, the air pockets went down, demonstrating that the temperature was excessively high, bringing about a breakdown of the compound called denaturation. The outcomes when plotted brought about a ringer molded bend. As temperature increments so to does the active vitality of the chemical and substrate atoms which haphazardly impact. The recurrence of crashes increments as the temperature expands in this way at first expanding the pace of response. This happens up to a greatest pace of response and the temperature at which the most extreme pace of response is reached is alluded to as the ideal temperature. Past the ideal temperature, expanding temperature builds the dynamic vitality of the particles to the point that the three-dimensional state of the chemical can be lost. In this manner the state of its dynamic site changes and can no longer tie to the substrate, lessening the pace of response past the ideal temperature. The most effective method to refer to Effect of Enzyme Catalese on Hydrogen Peroxide, Essay models

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WPEngine vs BlueHost Which is the Best Web Host

WPEngine vs BlueHost Which is the Best Web Host .elementor-19992 .elementor-element.elementor-element-19992{text-align:center}Last Updated on February 23, 2020 Disclosure As an independent review site, we get compensated if you purchase through the referral links or coupon codes on this page â€" at no additional cost to you. Dismiss alert Our #1 web hosting pick:Get top rated hosting for as little as$2.64 per Month Claim your discount now! You might also like: BlueHost review WPEngine review Table of Contents WPEngine vs BlueHost uptimeWPEngine uptimeBluehost uptimeBluehost vs WPEngine speedWPEngine speedBluehost speedWPEngine or Bluehost for costs?WPEngine pricingBluehost pricingBluehost or WPEngine? Our conclusionWPEngine vs BlueHost uptimeHistory Snapshots One click can restore histories of your entire websiteUnlimited Storage and Data TransferEverCache helps increase speeds for large filesAll of these factors help maintain WPEngine’s uptime at a 99.9% rate. That means WPEngine is only down at most 10 hours in a year. That is pretty amazing. It is almost impossible for any of your website visitors to ever experience any downtime. See WPEngine offers Bluehost uptimeBluehost guarantees an uptime of 99%. It tends to be slightly lower (at 0.9%) when compared to WPEngine. Join the FREE TrainingDo You Want To Learn How To Build 6 Figures Authority Sites?Join This Free Training To...Finally have a proven method to finding profitable nichesGet access to a foolproof keyword research methodLearn how to outsource quality contentLearn how to build white hat links to your site without headaches Bluehost reroutes your network through a global network called CDN. They back it up with Cloudflare. It makes their connection very secure and fast. They have multiple servers all around the world and they are located in a perfect environment for the servers to run smoothly. All their servers are backed up with a power supply that will not be cut or interrupted.Bluehost has a diesel generator that will r un even without electricity. Finally, they also have backups so when a system fails, they can immediately use the backup. Their system has not yet failed though, so they have not needed to use it.Bluehost downtime is at most 20 hours in a year, which isn’t a lot. See Bluehost offers Winner: WPEngine Bluehost vs WPEngine speedConnection speed is important in the Bluehost vs WPEngine debate. When a visitor clicks on your website, you want the messages between your website and server to be as fast as possible. That way your customers will not have to wait for the pages to load. This is more obvious when a user is loading an image, video, or other data that have a large load time.WPEngine speedOur #1 web hosting pick:Get top rated hosting for as little as$2.64 per Month Claim your discount now! InMotion vs BlueHost WPEngine vs Flywheel BlueHost Versus SiteGround WPEngine vs SiteGround

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Leadership Assignment Harriet Tubman Charter School Essay

702LEAD – LEADERSHIP ASSIGNMENT Introduction For the purpose of this assignment, the leader I have chosen Ms. J, the principal of a charter school in New Orleans charter school named Harriet Tubman Charter School. Ms. J was also a founder of a school network that oversees 3 elementary to 8th grade schools. Founded in 2011 the schools now serve over 1700 students in the New Orleans area. Tubman Charter school has a staff of eighty. Ms. Lauses role is to oversee eight staff members that ensure that the school produces leading results for the state as well as promising scholars that will path their way to college. As the principal of this school specifically, Ms. J has large obstacles that go beyond the walls of the school. Harriet Tubman Charter school is within a neighborhood that struggles both economically and educationally. Almost 100% of the scholars qualify for a free lunch and are black or Latino and the kindergartens scholars that arrive on the first day know only one or two letters of the alphabet. Historically before Hu rricane Katrina in New Orleans on 38% of public school students graduated high school (quote). While most people see this as a place where most people see extreme challenges, Ms. J see’s it as an opportunity for change and promise. The aim of this assignment is firstly to evaluate the current leadership of Ms. J by analyzing and evaluating Ms. J’s leadership style alongside leadership concepts and theories that are relevant to the context in which Ms.Show MoreRelatedManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 PagesBusiness Review Finance Articles The Power of Management Capital Feigenbaum−Feigenbaum International Management, Sixth Edition Hodgetts−Luthans−Doh Contemporary Management, Fourth Edition Jones−George Driving Shareholder Value Morin−Jarrell Leadership, Fifth Edition Hughes−Ginnett−Curphy The Art of M A: Merger/Acquisitions/Buyout Guide, Third Edition Reed−Lajoux and others . . . This book was printed on recycled paper. Management Copyright  ©2005

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Philippine Annexation Dbq A Primary Cause Of World War I...

Sariah Smith McMaster Gold 3 17 November 2016 Philippine Annexation DBQ Scholars typically cite imperialism as a primary cause of World War I, and though controversial, America was no stranger to the practice. In 1898, the United States won the Spanish American War, resulting in the Paris Treaty. America gained several formerly Spanish colonies from their victory, and through the Treaty of Paris, they annexed the Philippines. Filipino insurgents, who had fought for the Philippines independence, rebelled against the annexation. This led to the Philippine-American War. However, not all Americans supported the annexation. In fact, the Paris Treaty passed by only one vote, and anti-imperialists such as Mark Twain contended with pro-imperialists like Theodore Roosevelt. Despite the debate, the United States should not have annexed the Philippines, because the decision was unnecessary, hypocritical, and tyrannical. America s annexation of the Philippines was not a necessary decision. Supporters of the annexation believed it would benefit America economically. However, Democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan stated in a speech, It is not necessary to own people in order to trade with them (Document D). Trade with the Philippines could have been accomplished without occupying them. In addition, pro-imperialists exhibited a patronizing attitude toward the Filipinos; for instance, Albert J. Beveridge described the Philippines as ours to save (Document B). Many

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The Theory Of Consciousness And Its Effects On Society

When I think of consciousness, I seemed to compare this to the state of being aware of surroundings. Somehow, there are various theories that will argue that we can still be in the state of consciousness even when we are sleep as well as someone in a coma. Nonetheless, the term consciousness can be said to be inconclusive or even referred to an enigma. In fact, it is so mysterious that numerous philosophers and other experts such as Plato, Sigmund Freud and so many others to mention have explored and attempted to validate their theories on consciousness. Due to its elusiveness, philosophers and other truth-seekers attempt to surmise answers by pursuing diverse facts and evidences that can lead to their theories (Manson, 2011). On the other†¦show more content†¦There are various definitions of consciousness which can be ambiguous and to have a precise explanation at this time can still be considered premature. We actually do not have an exact rationalization of how consciousn ess emerges or the mechanism of consciousness process. However, there are different theories of how consciousness arises within the past years that have been advocated. There is a long repertoire of proposed theories based on metaphysical and ontological which is an assumption constructed on the state of subsistence with disparities can be perplexing. Nonetheless, several of the stipulated suppositions of such paradigms have direct correlations with each other, which can be ascertained to be not mutually exclusive. Neuroscience is concerned with the nervous system as it relates to the structure, how it arises and its functionality. Neuroscientists concentrate on the human brain and how it influences human behavior and cognitive functions. Therefore, for the neuroscientists’ point of view, the fundamental theories of consciousness are based on the higher order attribute, global workspace assessment and the biological aspect of the human mind (Block, 2009). Based on the biolog ical theory of consciousness, this phenomenon is a derivative of a combination of evolution and biological progress. This theory plainly disregards the theories of metaphysics but rather can be rationalized throughShow MoreRelatedThe Theory Of Consciousness And The Scientific Processes862 Words   |  4 Pages even evolving. This occurs across the entire spectrum of most all environments with dynamics natures; within society, within religion, and within science. More specifically, both the study and observation of consciousness and the scientific processes allocated towards those ends have changed profoundly over time. It can also be observed that the evolution of the study of consciousness parallels the development of the scientific method, to the extent that an evaluation of the former can indicateRead MoreEssay on Marxs Theories1550 Words   |  7 PagesThough Marx’s theories were first conceived over 150 years ago, his work continues to be tremendously influential and is perhaps the most well known scholarship within the sociological canon. Despite their prominence, some of Marx’s most famous ideas have yet to be proven by the course of history. Neo-Marxists may insist that the revolution is coming, but the fact remains that the overthrow of capitalism has yet to materialize. I argue that the communist revolution has not yet occurred becauseRead MoreFunctionalism And Its Impact On Society983 Words   |  4 Pagesflawless. There are conflicts of interest about the relations between the school and society. The main problem with functionalism is that it tends to emphasize the social needs of society over the individual’s need. Robert Merton, a critic of functionalism comments that â€Å"because many functionalisms have assumed that every social practice and institution must be understood in terms of its adaptive function for the society as a whole, they have tended to give a primary value to existing social forms.† (pRead M oreKarl Marx s Theories Of History And The Theory Of Human Nature Essay1714 Words   |  7 Pagesdied in 1883. Karl Marx’s philosophies on society, politics and economics is collectively understood as Marxism. He was a materialist and an atheist who had a profound impact on the world of intellectual thought. This paper will aim to discuss and determine with reference to Marx’s deterministic theory of history and the theory of human nature, if human beings are essentially the product of socioeconomic forces. In addition to one criticism of his theory of human nature. Firstly, this paper willRead MoreKarl Marx History of Economic Thought1454 Words   |  6 Pagesbackground and social/economic contributions is the quote: â€Å"It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social existence that determines their consciousness.† Karl Marx, in reference to modes of production, which refers to the social relationship present in ownership and the use of the means of production, explains how the effects of the control of modes of production on society are intrinsic in a capitalistic system. The modes of production of materialRead MoreThe Theory Of History And Division Of Labor1091 Words   |  5 PagesThe Theory of History Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim are the great sociologists in this world; they give us many thoughts about the social theory and let us to learn how the society is. They both had described a theory of human history and division of labor. Despite some differences, Marx and Durkheim have concentrated on the emergence of modern capitalism especially with the rise of the modern system of division of labor and the evolution of market society. Their methods are developed through theRead MoreThe Structure and Agency Debate987 Words   |  4 Pagesbehaviour. People take action with regards to what is considered to be normal in society and also have to follow specific rules in order not to break to the norms. According to Giddens (1984, p. 19) one of the main arguments of the structuration theory is that the rules and resources drawn upon during the process of production and reproduction of social actions are simultaneously the means of system reproduction. Rules in society can either be form al or informal. The formal rules are documented and go handRead MoreAdorno Horkheimers Traditional And Critical Theory Of Society1199 Words   |  5 PagesCritical Theory, Adorno Horkheimer introduced the term critical theory in contrast to the traditional theory. ‘Critical theory’ or critical theory of society is defined as a social theory which aims to both critique and changes the society by providing a normative and descriptive basis for the emancipation of the society. In fact, an emancipation of the oppressed (similar to the Marxian emancipation of the proletariat from the shackles of bourgeois)  is the core concept of the critical theory. HorkheimerRead MoreThree Theoretical Approaches to Sociology1326 Words   |  6 Pages This theoretical approach views society as a system of inter-dependent social functions each working to maintain equilibrium and stability within the whole. The social function of marriage, for instance, might be seen to derive from a religious structure. The values, norms, and behaviors surrounding marriage (such as age limits, ‘showers’, and marriage licenses), and the ways in which these aspects of the function benefit the participants, is the ‘society’ which rises from the initial structureRead MoreThe Class Conflict Theory Proposed By Karl Marx1571 Words   |  7 PagesThe Class Conflict Theory proposed by Karl Marx explains that society changes due to the need for human beings to have a higher level of social class. This is essentially a framework developed by Marx that he aimed to use to explain the mode of social stratification happening during his time, its root causes, and its main effects. Marx had a unique view on the nature of different socia l classes. He believed that there are only two social classes where people can belong (Marx McLellan, Karl Marx

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Defining Liquid Alternative Investments

Question: Discuss the types of investments, accounting for investments, economic entity concept and accounting standard. Answer: Introduction As far as accounting is concerned, investment may be defined as an asset purchased with the assumption that it will generate income in the future. It generally involves a lump sum amount. An asset is supposed to give long term gains. It is not meant for short term use. For example: A machinery to the worth of Rs. 1 million has been purchased by XYZ Ltd. The machinery is supposed to manufacture finished goods from processed items and is meant to be used in the future for a very long period of time (Zaremba, 2015). A car purchased for official purposes is also an investment. Investment can also be done in stocks and shares in the companies with the hope that the price will rise in future. Also, equity shares yield dividends when profits are earned by the companies. Investing and speculating should not be confused. Investing leads to creation of wealth, speculating does not do so. They are highly liquid and posted on the asset side of balance sheet as current assets. There are certain investments which are acquired for the purpose of holding them (Calandro, 2005). The accounting depends on the intent of investment. Types of Investments The investments can be classified by the following types: Held to maturity A bond may be defined as a promise to pay. A company purchases bonds sometimes. The bond is a promise to pay. The investment done with the objective of holding it to maturity is known as held to maturity investments. The amortized cost approach is used in this case. Trading Security: An investment is classified as trading security if the investor wants to sell it short term for a profit. Cost is taken as the basis of recording initially. At the end of the period, the investment is evaluated to its fair value. Operating income are any holding gains or losses (unrealized). Available for sale: The investments which are neither held to maturity or trading security are known as available for sale. It is initially recorded at cost. At the end of accounting period, the recorded investment is adjusted to its fair value. Accounting for Investments Dividends are declared annually in the annual general meeting of a company. They are treated as in come in the final accounts. The entry will be as follows: Cash To Dividend Income On the balance sheet, the amount securities that is available for sale is shown as assets in the balance sheet. When an individual wishes to borrow money, he approaches a bank or any other financial institution. However, a corporate house borrows large amounts and it often exceeds the lending capacity of the bank (Charpin and Lacaze, 2006). Therefore, a large borrower may issue bonds where the amount is broken up into many small units. Each bond has a face value and the number of bonds multiplied by the face value denotes the loan able amount. The issue price of the bond will depend on the issuers credit worthiness, the time to maturity and the market conditions. Bonds may be issued at a premium or even at a discount. Bonds issued at a premium compels the investor to pay more than face value (Branch and Xu, 2014). Similarly, bonds issued at a discount enable the investor to pay less than face value per bond. The journal entry will be as follows: Investment (in bonds) To Cash The method applied to track amortized cost is known as straight line method. A superior approach known as effective interest method is also applied sometimes. The investor makes the final entry on repayment of principal. Cash To Investment (in bonds) Enough ownership may be acquired by the owner in another company and can have significant influence in the matters of decision making in the company. Generally, this happens when the share is more than 20%. Economic Entity concept A company which is controlled may continue to maintain its own legal entity. Suppose, A Ltd. has acquired shares in B Ltd. B will be part of the larger economic base (Pzier and White, 2008). Accounting rules require that parent companies bring to inclusion all the assets, liabilities and operating results of the subsidiaries in the balance sheet. There is one more concept of goodwill. Goodwill arises when one company acquires another. Whenever one company is in the process of buying another company and pays more than the net assets, the excess is termed as goodwill (Black, 2015). Another important concept occurs whether there is a realization of gain or loss. Gain or loss only occurs when the investment is sold. Similarly, change in the fair value gives unrealized gain or loss. In a held security, if there is a permanent loss, the entire investment is written off and is treated as realized loss (Mukherjee 2004). This occurs when the company goes bankrupt. Immediate taxation is not ap plied to any unrealized gain or loss. When the loss or gain is realized by the sale of security, then only it is subject to taxation. So, the basis of calculation of tax of securities and the amount to be carried in the accounting records of the investor may have a temporary difference (Calandro 2005). Accounting Standard 13 This particular standard deals with accounting for investments. There is no physical existence of some investments and are represented by certificates. The classification of investments is done with current investments and long term investments. Current investments resemble current assets. If issue of shares is used to acquire an investment, the cost is the issued securities fair value. The fair value and the par value may not be equal. The given up fair value of assets determines the acquisition cost in case an investment is by exchange (Bodie, Kane and Marcus 2005). In some circumstances, income such as interest, dividends and rentals do not form part of income. If there is accrual of unpaid interest before the acquisition of an interest bearing investment, the subsequent receipt of interest happens between pre acquisition and post acquisition periods. When equity dividends are declared from profits of pre acquisition, a treatment which is similar applies. In case of rights shares, the carrying amount of the original holding adds the cost of the shares. If there is market sale of rights without subscribing, the sale proceeds are taken to the profit and loss statement (Mukherjee 2004). Where there is cum right basis acquiring and the investments market value immediately after becoming ex-right is lower than the acquired cost , it is appropriate to apply the sales of rights to reduce the carrying amount of such investments to market value. Lower of cost or market value is the amount which is to be carried forward for current investments. Where there is an existence of an active market, the market value best provides fair value evidence. It is not appropriate to consider valuation of current investments on global basis. When there is a consideration of related current investments, there may be carriage of investments at lower of cost or market value. The profit and loss statement includes any fair value reduction and any reversals. Cost is the basis in which long term investments are usually carried. A fall in the long term investment, value forces the carrying amount to recognize the decline. The lower of cost and fair value is taken as the basis for transfer when there is a reclassification of investments from current to long term. Reference List Black, Keith. 2015. 'Defining Liquid Alternative Investments'.The Journal Of Alternative Investments17 (3): 6-25. doi:10.3905/jai.2014.17.3.006. Bodie, Zvi, Alex Kane, and Alan J Marcus. 2005.Investments. Boston, Mass.: McGraw-Hill Irwin. Branch, Ben, and Min Xu. 2014. 'Hedge Fund Investments In Bankruptcy'.The Journal Of Alternative Investments, 140311050935003. doi:10.3905/jai.2014.2014.1.033. Calandro, Joseph. 2005. 'Super Cats As Alternative Investments'.The Journal Of Alternative Investments7 (4): 42-49. doi:10.3905/jai.2005.491500. Calandro, Joseph. 2005. 'Super Cats As Alternative Investments'.The Journal Of Alternative Investments7 (4): 42-49. doi:10.3905/jai.2005.491500. Charpin, Franoise, and Dominique Lacaze. 2006. 'Efficient Portfolios For Alternative Investments'.The Journal Of Alternative Investments8 (4): 19-25. doi:10.3905/jai.2006.627847. Mukherjee, Barsendu. 2004. 'Current Research In Alternative Investments And Econometric Methods'.The Journal Of Alternative Investments6 (4): 95-97. doi:10.3905/jai.2004.391068. Mukherjee, Barsendu. 2004. 'Current Research In Alternative Investments And Econometric Methods'.The Journal Of Alternative Investments6 (4): 95-97. doi:10.3905/jai.2004.391068. Pzier, Jacques, and Anthony White. 2008. 'The Relative Merits Of Alternative Investments In Passive Portfolios'.The Journal Of Alternative Investments10 (4): 37-49. doi:10.3905/jai.2008.705531. Zaremba, Adam. 2015. 'Is Financialization Killing Commodity Investments?'.The Journal Of Alternative Investments, 150609072048007. doi:10.3905/jai.2015.2015.1.042.